March Blog

I have been given some re-subs from my teachers to complete. I’ve got on well with them all and handed them in on time. Other than the re-subs, my work is going well and im working hard.

February Post

I’m working hard to achieve the highest marks in my assignments and allowing time to complete all of them in a reasonable time. Im working hard and still making the deadlines and I feel comfortable with my work so far.

January Post

Were back from Christmas and ive got assignments from my teachers. They are quite long but have done some helpful tasks to hopefully make it easier. In Pauls lesson for the first time we opened up the computer and had a look in it then put it back together.

November Blog Post

All my work is going well and I’m keeping up with the deadline and handing work in early, i have passed one of Bryans assignments but had to do a re-sub for Charlie, I added everything i needed to so i have hopefully passed it now.